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Get Your Noodle Crave Fixed Guilt Free

Your Freeze Dried Fresh Kelp Noodle  

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Regular Price: RM18

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Note: price per bag 

Say hello to your everyday 'mee'!

Are you tired of struggling with maintaining your healthy diet regimen when you can only find high-carb and high-fat noodles all around? Want to enjoy all your favorite cheat meals, hokkien mee, spaghetti bolognese, mee goreng without dropping out of your fitness journey?

Sthrivers's Nood is your go-to natural kelp noodle and super-food with an impressive roster of antioxidants and nutrients for sustained energy and nourishment.

Sthrivers' Nood is free of cholesterol, fat, and gluten. That way, you can say goodbye to unwanted calories. Discover your go-to- low calories noodles for all your favorite dishes.

No Gluten

Vegan & Vegetarian

Low Carb

Low Calories

Low Fat

High Vitamin & Minerals

No Artificial Coloring


Egg Free

Soy Free

Cholesterol Free

Why Is Our Kelp Noodle So Green?

Generally, fresh kelp is brown in color as it contains more lutein (brown color) compared to chlorophyll(green color). However, once it cook at high temperature, lutein will be destroyed and you will see the cholophyll instead. Sthrivers's Nood is pre-cooked and processed for your convenience. So you can enjoy raw without the hassle of cooking. That's why our Sthriver' Nood comes green naturally, without any added pigments. 

How We Grow Shriver Nood?

Sthriver's Nood is wildly grown naturally under the sea at a depth of 30 – 40 m and optimum water temperature (0 degrees ~5 degrees). At this depth, the sea-water exchange and self-purification abilities are strong. The pristine water quality achieved allows just the right amount of light, ensuring our kelp noodles have an abundance of nutrients.  Sthriver Nood is carefully selected and separated. So you can only have a healthier and abundantly nourished natural kelp noodle, no added pesticides, heavy metals, and other nasty elements

Natural Vegetable Sourced from the Deep Sea

Our Sthriver's Nood is farmed from 8 nautical miles away from the highly polluted seashores. That way, you can trust us for high-quality kelp noodles free of unwanted heavy metals and contaminants.  Our Kelp noodles are also ethically harvested and produced without harming the natural environment.

The Right Nourishment for You

Sthriver's Nood is highly nutritious and enriched with natural vitamins, minerals, antioxidants. When you want the great-tasting goodness of Sthriver's Nood, you can also regulate thyroid function, improve your bone metabolism and bone health.  Overall, your mouthwatering Sthrivers's Nood is a healthy noodle that increases satiety and can keep hunger at bay.

Harvest 3 Months In Advance

We harvest our natural kelp noodles three months earlier than normal kelp to gain the best balance of nutrients.  This off-course, results in lower annual yields for us. But we are willing to take the risks of lower yields to achieve premium-quality kelp noodles that deliver every ingredient your desired kelp noodle should have. 


State of the Art After Process

After the harvest, we clean Sthriver's Nood using cutting-edge technology from Japan. The fully automated hydraulic cleaning and scalding machine ensure that the kelp comes entirely and thoroughly clean while preserving the natural and original nutrients.  Our Sthriver's Nood is a one-of-a-kind healthful and tasty alternative to your regular noodle.

Do you know?

The Japanese people have one of the longest life expectancies on the globe. Their women also keep smooth and firm skin past their 50s. What's their secret? They enjoy the abundance of sea vegetables in their daily meals, from breakfast to dinner.

How to eat?

Natural Vegetable Sourced from the Deep Sea

Soak in water for 10 to 15 minutes

Discard the water and rinse the noodle with water to remove the residual of salt.

Enjoy raw or cooked in your stir-fries, sauces, soup, or salads.

Cooking Method

Stir Fried



-------------------- or -------------------

Add on with Sthriver's Meal

for balanced meal

Do you know?

Save Even More $ with


What is Sthriver's Plus? Sthriver's Plus is a subscription package consists of Sthriver's Meal and Sthriver's Nood. Get additional 10% off on top on regular nood subscriptions. 

Compare Sthriver's Nood with other noodles

Nutritional value based on 100g (cooked and ready-to-eat)

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with kelp noodles?

Sthriver's Nood are super versatile. Like regular noodles, you can enjoy them in your soups, salads, and all your favorite dishes.


How many Sthriver's Nood can I eat in a day?  

Depending on your diet regimen, 1 Serving of Sthriver's Nood is perfectly fine and healthy. 1 Serving equals 0.5 packet (15g) of Sthriver's Nood.  If you have other medical concerns, please speak to your doctor before consuming them.


Can I eat Sthriver Nood alone?

Although our Sthriver's Nood is an excellent low-calorie noodle to help you achieve your fitness goal. But, we HIGHLY DO NOT RECOMMEND IT as your only food option. Make Sthriver's Nood a part of your long-term eating plan. We recommend combining with other high-quality, nutrient-dense proteins, fats, and vegetables to achieve whole- and nutritious meals. That way, you can enjoy its excellent benefits on the long-term and achieve sustained energy levels and maintain body function.


I love to add Sthriver's Meal on top of Sthriver's Nood. What is the right portion? How to prepare it?

1 serving Sthriver's Nood + 2 Scoops of Sthriver's Meal = 1 Serving.  Prepare your Sthriver's Nood as we mentioned above.  To prepare your Sthriver's Meal, add to a bowl and add 80ml of hot water (Too much of water will change to thinner consistency.). Allow it steep for 5 to 15 minutes. Mix well with your Sthriver's Nood. Enjoy.


Can pregnant or patients eat this?

Our natural kelp noodle is a low-calorie noodle that most adults can enjoy. However, it is best to consult your doctor before using this kelp noodles product.


“May your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food” 



I'm impressed with the product. I always want to find ready-to-eat high protein meal that I can consume easily. Now, I can't get rid of it. It is so convenient and did I mention their meal is so delicious! Great work!

Do you know the feeling of so determined to keep fit on your new year resolution, but then you give up (Especially meal prep) because you just couldn't keep up with your busy life? If you can resonate with that, I guess you found a new friend. Now I can really stick to my diet regime, thanks to Sthrive. It's so easy and I really love it!

It's never easy to eat healthily when you have busy lifestyle. Their meal is easy, I just need to pour hot water and wait for couple minutes to get my meal ready. And most important thing is, i can make sure I got my macronutrients right.

DONALD Fitness Trainer
Jane V Sales Executive
Clair Chin Designer

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