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Any fresher,

you gotta cook yourself

Grab your Ready to Eat Freeze Dried PROTEIN PACKED meal anytime, anywhere.  

Save up to 23% and get your FREE Sthriver's Bowl on your first subscription.

Regular Price: RM27.75

Meal Subscription Price: RM24.98

Plus Subscription Price: RM15.47

Note: Based on bulk pack price per serving

Whole Food with Minimal Processing

Sthriver's Meal  is made from tasty whole foods. It also has up to 97% of its nutrients intact after processing – courtesy, freeze-drying. This way, you still enjoy nature’s goodness without the stress accompanying food preparation and cooking.

No Meal Prep Needed Anymore! All Sorted Out & Delivered to Your Doorstep.

The stress of going to the mall and prepping the meal should not stop you from getting healthy. No more shopping, prepping, cooking. Our chef and dietician will do the heavy lifting and deliver healthy meal to you, effortlessly.

Anytime, Anywhere

Thanks to freeze drying technology, Sthriver's meal is lightweight and very portable. You get to enjoy fresh and healthy meals without the need for a refrigerator, and you’ll definitely be eating more often helping you to cultivate a habit of healthy lifestyle. And it requires only 5 minutes for preparation before eating, crazy right?!

Natural Ingredients

All ingredients are 100% fresh and natural, no weird stuff. No preservative, no synthetic colours & flavours, no fillers.

Backed by Science

All our recipes were specifically designed for high protein, high fiber and low carb.


With just RM15.47 per serving and save 23% when you subscribe.


In addition to a lengthy shelf-life that minimizes food wastage, Sthrive Meal is packaged in a recyclable and minimal packaging.

Locally Sourced Ingredients from Reliable Supplier

Quality ingredients can have a big impact on the taste and nutrients of the meal. That's why we only select supplier who provided the most fresh and quality ingredients.

First Subscription Gift*

We want you to enjoy your gourmet while make it easy. So, we will give out this BPA-free, food-grade, microwaveable bowl on your first Sthriever's Meal subscription with us. Trust us, you will love how convenient this bowl is.

*While stocks last.

Nutrition & Ingredients

We only use ingredients that you can pronounce in your Sthriver's Meal

How to Enjoy?

Serving Recommendations for Sthriver's Meal

Eat with brown rice

***RECOMMENDED***: Eat with Sthriver's Nood

Eat on it's own

Do you know?

Save Even More $ with


What is Sthriver's Plus? Sthriver's Plus is a subscription package consists of Sthriver's Meal and Sthriver's Nood. Get additional 10% off on top on of regular meal subscriptions. 


Is the Sthriver's Meal Dehydrated or Freeze-Dried?

At STHRIVE, we are committed to providing healthy, nutrient-packed fitness foods to our consumers. And since our goal is to provide our consumers with nutrient, we go for methods that preserve food nutrients. Our foods are therefore freeze-dried for maximum nutrient preservation. Find out more about benefit of freeze-dried HERE.


What Makes Your Meal Different from Others? Is This Safe?

It is good that you know what makes our meals stand out, so that the next time you purchase it, you’d do so with confidence. There is no doubt that our meals are healthy, and make a perfect food choice for adults.

To begin with, instead of dehydrating, we freeze-dry our meals.  Research shows that freeze-drying helps to retain most of the flavor, texture, appearance and nutritional content of foods. Also against the loss of water soluble vitamins, freeze-drying preserves food nutrient to keep you healthy.

Also, we do not use preservatives to prolong the shelf life of any of our meals. We believe that the moment moisture is removed from foods, they can last longer. And this is the simple principle we adopt in the preservation of our meals. We make our packaging airtight, and we also include oxygen absorbers to completely eliminate oxygen from our foods.

Furthermore, we only make our meals from ripe farm produce. Right before the ingredients for our meals are preserved, we ensure that they are fresh.

Lastly, we do not adopt large batch production processes. Instead, we produce our foods in small, simple batches to ensure that quality is never compromised. In the end, you’ll quickly notice that our meals taste no different from its fresh counterparts.

How Is the Sthriver's Meal Prepared?

Serving Recommendation:
1 Meal = 5 scoops +175ml hot water*
1 Snack = 2 scoops + 70ml hot water*
*Make sure hot water is slightly over your meal for full hydration. Too much of water will change to thinner consistency. Add as desired.

1. Shake the bag for even distribution of ingredients before open it.
2. Add Sthriver’s Meal to a heat resistant bowl.
3. Add hot water.
4. Stir well and cover lid. Steep for 5 to 15 minutes.
5. Tada! Your meal is ready!

Is Boiling Water Compulsory for the Meal?

While we suggest that you use boiling water to rehydrate this food, it is not a compulsory practice. If you do not have access to boiling water, you can improvise with warm and cold water.

However, when you use warm or cold water to rehydrate our meal, you may have to let it sit longer or incorporate stirring for an extended period.

Do I Have to Cook the Food?

No. There is no need to cook the Sthriver's Meal, it is already cooked, and ready-to-eat.

How Long Does Your Food Last?

Our meals can last 12 months after production. Any consumption of our meals within this timeline translates to proper nutrition and healthy eating. The expiry date on the food packaging should inform you better.


Do You Use Preservatives to Extend the Shelf-Life of Your Food?

Not one ounce of preservative goes into the production of our foods. We preserve our foods by eliminating elements of moisture, which enhances spoilage, from them. Freeze-drying is the process we use for moisture removal.

How Do I Know the Allergens Contained in This Food?

You can find out the allergens that are possibly present in this healthy food by referring to the back of its packaging. However, if you are affected by allergens other than the regular nut, soy, eggs, fish, and milk, kindly reach out to us before purchase. We will help you check for the content of such allergen in the food.

Do You Produce Custom Meals?

Different individuals need different nutrients to stay healthy, and custom meals are a great way to attend to the individual needs of consumers. However, we are not into the production of custom meals at this time. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram and be the first to know when we launch it on our website..



I'm impressed with the product. I always want to find ready-to-eat high protein meal that I can consume easily. Now, I can't get rid of it. It is so convenient and did I mention their meal is so delicious! Great work!

Do you know the feeling of so determined to keep fit on your new year resolution, but then you give up (Especially meal prep) because you just couldn't keep up with your busy life? If you can resonate with that, I guess you found a new friend. Now I can really stick to my diet regime, thanks to Sthrive. It's so easy and I really love it!

It's never easy to eat healthily when you have busy lifestyle. Their meal is easy, I just need to pour hot water and wait for couple minutes to get my meal ready. And most important thing is, i can make sure I got my macronutrients right.

DONALD Fitness Trainer
Jane V Sales Executive
Clair Chin Designer
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