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Sthriver’s Nood: Fresh Kelp Noodle


Say hello to your everyday ‘mee,’ Sthriver’s Nood is your low-calorie natural kelp noodle and super-food with an impressive roster of antioxidants and nutrients for sustained energy and nourishment.

A healthy lifestyle starts with commitment.
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Serving Recommendations:

Serving Recommendations: 2 Scoops Sthriver’s Meal + 1 Serving Sthriver’s Nood (0.5bag)

Find out more about Sthriver’s Meal HERE

Weight 30 g
Dimensions 21 × 20 × 3 cm

If you make your orders today, we will take 3 days to process the order. Please allow another 1 – 7 working days on standard shipping which depends on your chosen destination. However, we strive to send your meal to you as fast as possible. We ship on working days Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm but are closed on Saturdays and Sundays.


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Real Food On The Go

Natural and healthy instant meal that accompany you anytime, anywhere.

Fresh Ingredients

We commit to use fresh, natural and quality ingredients.

Really Convenient

Easy to keep, easy to carry and easy to eat.


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Real Taste

Enjoy peace of mind when enjoying our products. Our product do not have MSG, colouring or artificial flavouring.

Eco Friendly

In addition to a lengthy shelf-life that minimizes food wastage, our products are packaged in recyclable packaging.

Natural Nutrient

All vitamins and mineral are straight from our fresh ingredients. No synthetic vitamins and minerals.

Quality Input, Quality Output

When it comes to health, the food you put in your body can have a significant impact to our body. Quality meals not only provide nutrition that your body need, it also help you to stay focused. What you eat matters!

No More Shopping, Prepping & Cooking!

We all have hectic schedule. So, just focus on what matters to you. Let us do the heavy lifting and send you the health centric meal.

I'm impressed with the product. I always want to find ready-to-eat high protein meal that I can consume easily. Now, I can't get rid of it. It is so convenient and did I mention their meal is so delicious! Great work!

Do you know the feeling of so determined to keep fit on your new year resolution, but then you give up (Especially meal prep) because you just couldn't keep up with your busy life? If you can resonate with that, I guess you found a new friend. Now I can really stick to my diet regime, thanks to Sthrive. It's so easy and I really love it!

It's never easy to eat healthily when you have busy lifestyle. Their meal is easy, I just need to pour hot water and wait for couple minutes to get my meal ready. And most important thing is, i can make sure I got my macronutrients right.

DONALD Fitness Trainer
Jane V Sales Executive
Clair Chin Designer

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