Food Questions: Sthriver's Meal

Is the Sthriver's Meal Dehydrated or Freeze-Dried?

At Sthrive, we are committed to providing healthy, nutrient-packed fitness foods to our consumers. And since our goal is to provide our consumers with nutrient, we go for methods that preserve food nutrients. Our foods are therefore freeze-dried for maximum nutrient preservation. Find out more about benefit of freeze-dried HERE.


What Makes Your Meal Different from Others? Is This Safe?

It is good that you know what makes our meals stand out, so that the next time you purchase it, you’d do so with confidence. There is no doubt that our meals are healthy, and make a perfect food for adults.

To begin with, instead of dehydrating, we freeze-dry our meals. Research shows that freeze-drying helps to retain most of the flavor, texture, appearance and nutritional content of foods. Also against the loss of water soluble vitamins, freeze-drying preserves food nutrient to keep you healthy.

Also, we do not use preservatives to prolong the shelf life of any of our meals. The moment moisture is removed from foods, they can last longer. This is the simple principle we adopt in the preservation of our meals. We make our packaging airtight, and we also include oxygen absorbers to completely eliminate oxygen from our foods.

Furthermore, we only make our meals from ripe farm produce. Right before the ingredients for our meals are preserved, we ensure that they are fresh.

Lastly, we do not adopt large batch production processes. Instead, we produce our foods in small, simple batches to ensure that quality is never compromised. In the end, you’ll quickly notice that our meals taste no different from its fresh counterparts.

How Is the Sthriver's Meal Prepared?

 Simply follow the steps below:

  • Pour some of the meal into a bowl
  • Add hot water according to the amounts instructed in the pack
  • Allow meal to soak in water for about 5 to 15 minutes
  • Tada, you meal is ready!

Is Boiling Water Compulsory for the Meal?

While we suggest that you use boiling water to rehydrate this food, it is not a compulsory practice. If you do not have access to boiling water, you can improvise with warm and cold water.

However, when you use warm or cold water to rehydrate our meal, you may have to let it sit longer or incorporate stirring for an extended period.

Do I Have to Cook the Food?

No. There is no need to cook the Sthriver's Meal, it is already cooked, and ready-to-eat.


How Long Does Your Food Last?

Our meals can last 12 months after production. Any consumption of our meals within this timeline translates to proper nutrition and healthy eating. The expiry date on the food packaging should inform you better.

Do You Use Preservatives to Extend the Shelf-Life of Your Food?

Not one ounce of preservative goes into the production of our foods. We preserve our foods by eliminating elements of moisture, which enhances spoilage, from them. Freeze-drying is the process we use for moisture removal.

How Do I Know the Allergens Contained in This Food?

You can find out the allergens that are possibly present in this healthy food by referring to the back of its packaging. However, if you are affected by allergens other than the regular nut, soy, eggs, fish, and milk, kindly reach out to us before purchase. We will help you check for the content of such allergen in the food.

Do You Produce Custom Meals?

Different individuals need different nutrients to stay healthy, and custom meals are a great way to attend to the individual needs of consumers. However, we are not into the production of custom meals at this time. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram and be the first to know when we launch it on our website..


Food Questions: Sthriver's Nood

What can I do with kelp noodles?

Sthriver's Nood are super versatile. Like regular noodles, you can enjoy them in your soups, salads, and all your favorite dishes.

How many Sthriver's Nood can I eat in a day?  

Depending on your diet regimen, 1 Serving of Sthriver's Nood is perfectly fine and healthy. 1 Serving equals 0.5 packet (15g) of Sthriver's Nood.  If you have other medical concerns, please speak to your doctor before consuming them.


Can I eat Sthriver Nood alone?

Although our Sthriver's Nood is an excellent low-calorie noodle to help you achieve your fitness goal. But, we HIGHLY DO NOT RECOMMEND IT as your only food option. Make Sthriver's Nood a part of your long-term eating plan. We recommend combining with other high-quality, nutrient-dense proteins, fats, and vegetables to achieve whole- and nutritious meals. That way, you can enjoy its excellent benefits on the long-term and achieve sustained energy levels and maintain body function.


I love to add Sthriver's Meal on top of Sthriver's Nood. What is the right portion? How to prepare it?

1 serving Sthriver's Nood + 2 Scoops of Sthriver's Meal = 1 Serving.  Prepare your Sthriver's Nood as we mentioned above.  To prepare your Sthriver's Meal, add to a bowl and add 80ml of hot water (Too much of water will change to thinner consistency.). Allow it steep for 5 to 15 minutes. Mix well with your Sthriver's Nood. Enjoy.


Can pregnant or patients eat this?

Our natural kelp noodle is a low-calorie noodle that most adults can enjoy. However, it is best to consult your doctor before using this kelp noodles product.


Food Questions: Sthriver's Plus

What is Sthriver's Plus?

Sthriver's Plus is an extra fulfilling meal consist of Sthriver's Meal and Sthriver's Nood. Don't know how to decide whether should get Sthriver's Meal, Sthriver's Nood or Sthriver's Plus? Just click HERE to compare them in terms of price, nutrition facts etc.


How to prepare Sthriver's Plus?

2 scoops Sthriver's Meal + 1 Serving of Sthriver's Nood (0.5bag) is fine for a perfect portion. Check out video below on how to preparing your perfect meal.


Why Subscription?

Save up to 50% on your subscriptions plan + free shipping on all the future subscription + earn points as time goes by which mean save money even more!!!

We know diet is not a one-time deal. It is a long term journey. You do not have to forget your Sthrive Bag anymore, we deliver convenience and health for you.

No commitment, you can cancel anytime. You can even change flavour anytime. It’s flexible and easy!

But, I Do Not Want to Eat the Same Flavour Every Month, Can I Change It?

I know right? No matter how healthy the meal is, we as human still looking for variety. And don't you worry, all of us at STHRIVE are also working out on new recipes.

You can change your subscription flavour at ‘My Account>Subscriptions’ if applicable.


When will I Receive My Subscription?

For your subcription, we will take 1-3 business days to process the order after payment completed. Please allow another 1 - 5 business days on standard shipping which depends on your chosen destination.

I Cancelled My Subscription. Can I Re-subscribe?

Yes, you can! Just go to My Account>Subscriptions>View>Reactivate


Sthrive Rewards

How to Earn Sthriver's Point?

It's easy to earn Sthriver's Point! Just follow simple steps as below to earn and redeem your Sthriver's Point.

1.      Create an account

2.      Earn point with any purchase, actions or missions completed

3.      Redeem point at the Rewards Tab (Just at the bottom left of your screen)

4.      You can also check your points at Rewards Tab.

How to Check My Sthriver's Point?

We want to make sure you can use your points easily. That's why you will see a 'REWARDS' tab at the bottom left of your screen all the time. Just click it and you will see all your points and rewards.


Do I Entitle for Points If I Use Coupon on My Order?

Currently not.


Is There Any Expiry Date for My Points?

Points will be expired if unused after 3 years.


How 'Refer A Friend' Work?

Just share the link at the 'REWARDS' tab at bottom left to your friends. They will receive a coupon code and thanks to you they will have their RM10 coupon to use on their first purchase. Trust me, they will love you;) By the way, did I miss the point that you will earn RM10 for the great gesture? Ya, it happens and let's share the happiness.


Can I Use Points on My Future Subscriptions?

Definitely! Just redeem the points at the 'REWARDS' tab at bottom left. Copy the coupon code and use it when you renew your subscription at My Account>Subscriptions.


What is Mission?

Missions are fun and effortless activities that you can join to earn extra credits or gifts with us. Inside the 'Mission' tab at 'My Account', you can check out all the details of current missions. Just follow the instruction to participate and our team will review it. Review process will take 5 to 7 working days depending on the timeline stated on the particular mission. Once approved, gift or points will be credited to the successful applicants. Most of the missions are seasonal and time based. So, take the chance and grab any special gifts and treat for you!



When will My Order Arrive?

If you make your orders today, we will take 1 - 3 business days to process the order. Please allow another 1 - 5 business days on standard shipping which depends on your chosen destination. However,  we sthrive to send your meal to you as fast as possible.

We ship on working days Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm but are closed on Saturdays and Sundays.


Where Do You Deliver?

Currently, we are yet to begin international deliveries, and only deliver this meal to locations in West Malaysia.

Can I Pick Up the Meal from Your Location?

Currently, we only allow pick-ups from our station in Penang. If it is convenient for you to pick up your order from us, kindly include an address within Penang. Our agents will ensure that your pick up experience is smooth.


Is There Free Shipping?

Currently, we no longer make free deliveries.


Can a Purchased Meal Be Returned?

We currently do not allow purchased foods to be returned if they was not damaged as at the time of purchase. But if your reason for purchasing this meal is no longer applicable, you can still store them in cabinets for later use.

On the other hand, if the food is received as damaged during purchase, refunds are done within our 30-day post-delivery policy. Kindly reach out to to make your request for a refund.

Jobs & Sponsorship

Are You Currently Hiring?

Whenever there is any vacancy in our establishment, you’ll find it in our career page. But if no opening is presently available, you can still reach out to us if you are interested in working with us. If you have a flare for the food industry, we would love to know you, and knowhow you can help us make significant progress. Kindly complete our Contact Us form and help us know you better

Will You Accept My Blog Posts?

If they are relevant to our industry, most certainly, yes. We are delighted in having you assist us in improving the content of our page. Simply complete the Contact Us Form and our page, and inform us of your post.

However, try not to submit your post on our site. Since we reserve the rights to the content on our page, a member of our team will be in touch with you.

Do You Offer Sponsorship?

Yes we do. But we receive so many sponsorship requests, and cannot afford to provide every story with the required sponsorship. Also, given that we are still a budding company, we particularly screen the stories submitted to us. This way, we can reach out to the owners of the most compelling story, and provide them the necessary