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Earn 50 Sthriver's Point just for signing up a new account

How it Works?

Step 1

Create an Account

Create an account and start earning.

Step 2

Earn Points

Earn points every time you shop or complete any missions.

Step 3

Redeem Points

Redeem points for exclusive discounts.

Ways to Earn Sthriver's Point

50 Sthriver's Point

Create an Account

50 Sthriver's Point

Follow Our Instagram

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Write a Review

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per Spent

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Complete MISSIONS & unlock special gifts & treats...

SUCCESSFUL submission will unlock missions tab at 'My Account' dashboard. Just complete missions time to receive exclusive gifts

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Sthriver's Points



Sthriver's Points



Sthriver's Points



Sthriver's Points

Do you know Sthriver's Point can be used on subscription too! Redeem your hard earned Sthriver's Point is easy!


How to Earn Sthriver's Point?

It's easy to earn Sthriver's Point! Just follow simple steps as below to earn and redeem your Sthriver's Point.

1.      Create an account

2.      Earn point with any purchase, actions or missions completed

3.      Redeem point at the Rewards Tab

4.      You can also check your points at ‘My Account’


How to Check My Sthriver's Point?

We want to make sure you can use your points easily. That's why you will see a 'REWARDS' ballon at the bottom left of your screen all the time. Just click it and you will see all your points and rewards.


Is There Any Expiry Date for My Points?

Points will be expired if unused after 3 years.

Why I didn't See Sthriver's Point Being Credited to My Account After I Purchase?

Sthriver's point will be credited after orders completed and shipped out from our facility.

Can I Use Coupon with My Sthriver's Point?

Currently not.

What is Mission?

Missions are fun and effortless activities that you can join to earn extra credits or gifts with us. Inside the 'Mission' tab at 'My Account', you can check out all the details of current missions. Just follow the instruction to participate and our team will review it. Review process will take 5 to 7 working days depending on the timeline stated on the particular mission. Once approved, gift or points will be credited to the successful applicants. Most of the missions are seasonal and time based. So, take the chance and grab any special gifts and treat for you!



I'm impressed with the product. I always want to find ready-to-eat high protein meal that I can consume easily. Now, I can't get rid of it. It is so convenient and did I mention their meal is so delicious! Great work!

Do you know the feeling of so determined to keep fit on your new year resolution, but then you give up (Especially meal prep) because you just couldn't keep up with your busy life? If you can resonate with that, I guess you found a new friend. Now I can really stick to my diet regime, thanks to Sthrive. It's so easy and I really love it!

It's never easy to eat healthily when you have busy lifestyle. Their meal is easy, I just need to pour hot water and wait for couple minutes to get my meal ready. And most important thing is, i can make sure I got my macronutrients right.

DONALD Fitness Trainer
Jane V Sales Executive
Clair Chin Designer

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