A single mission directs the course of Sthrive. It is also on this mission that this brand was created – to help people adopt healthy food subscriptions by providing them with instant and portable healthy meals. With our advanced freeze-drying technology, we care for your body, and help you maintain good health at minimal costs.

The story behind our brand is a compelling, health promoting one:

How this idea came about?

In Asia, people are really quick to consume excess carbs every day. From an oily nasi goreng, to a roti canai and char koey teow, every food in the continent has its fair share of carbs to fill you with.

Living in busy lifestyle, finding even the shortest time to spare for yourself may be completely impossible. Hence, cooking food yourself is usually not practicable – all the shopping, chopping, preparation and cleaning may be totally not unfeasible for you. 

Also, to be able to find a good meal while at work, you’d have to rise very early to make the food. And before lunch time at work, the food has already gone cold and becomes very unappetizing. Even the microwaves didn’t succeed in making office foods as good as fresh ones. As a result of this food dilemma, the idea of the Sthriver's meal was developed.

Initially, we had our doubts about the process of freeze-drying. But we continued to study the process in depths, and discovered that it was adopted by NASA to preserve foods for their astronauts who visit the space. Soon, we also began to freeze-dry our foods, and found that the taste and appearance of such foods remained intact even after the process.

Although the freeze-dryer sure did cost quite a fortune, we made the investment anyway. We also spent so much time – mainly sleepless nights – coming up with the right plan and process to provide consumers with healthy freeze-dried meals. And voila! Our Sthrive was the product of all the planning and sleepless nights.

Also, knowing fully well that staying healthy means incorporating natural foods into our diet, all our ingredients are fresh and natural. So, for every Sthrive products you consume, you enjoy the following benefits:

Real Food On The Go

Natural and healthy instant meal that accompany you anytime, anywhere.

Fresh Ingredients

We commit to use fresh, natural and quality ingredients.

Really Convenient

Easy to keep, easy to carry and easy to eat.


Start from RM8.50 per serving. Save more when you subscribe.

Real Taste

Enjoy peace of mind when enjoying our products. Our product do not have MSG, colouring or artificial flavouring.

Eco Friendly

In addition to a lengthy shelf-life that minimizes food wastage, our products are packaged in recyclable packaging.

Natural Nutrient

All vitamins and mineral are straight from our fresh ingredients. No synthetic vitamins and minerals.

We are certain that our product appeals to you and your family as we are committed to providing you with an impeccable eating experience.

Throughout our process, we ensure that we are straightforward, economical, and easily reached by consumers. We are also dedicating our lives to stay on the course of our mission, and continously provide you with healthy food options. All you need to do is remain healthy all the time, and wherever you find yourself.