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Your Everyday 

Health Centric Gourmet Meal

Quality Input, Quality Output

When it comes to health, the food you put in your body can have a significant impact to our body. Quality meals not only provide nutrition that your body need, it also help you to stay focused. What you eat matters!

No Meal Prep Needed Anymore! All Sorted Out & Delivered to Your Doorstep.

The stress of going to the mall and prepping the meal should not stop you from getting healthy. No more shopping, prepping and cooking. Our chef will do the heavy lifting and deliver healthy meal to you, effortlessly.

Benefits of STHRIVE

Natural Ingredients

We only use fresh, whole and natural ingredients. No preservative, no artificial colours & flavours, no fillers.

Great Taste

Our chef treat each meal as 5-star gourmet making sure all nutrients and taste can be 100% devoured and enjoyed by you.

Save Time

No more shopping, prepping, washing etc. Now you have our chef to do the heavy lifting for you.

Minimal Waste

Thanks to lengthy shelf life that minimises food wastage, our products are packaged in recyclable packaging.


You can enjoy health centric meal anytime, anywhere. Just 3 steps and you get to enjoy delicious hot meal in 5 to 15 minutes.

Save Money

Your body will love you;) With as low as RM15.47 per meal and time that you save, it seems like a great deal for a healthy diet. 

Anytime, Anywhere

Sthrive products are lightweight and portable. You get to enjoy fresh and healthy meals without the need for a refrigerator, and you’ll definitely be eating more often helping you to cultivate a habit of healthy lifestyle. And it requires as low as 5 minutes for preparation before eating, crazy right?!


In addition to a lengthy shelf-life that minimises food wastage, Sthrive Meal is packaged in a recyclable and minimal packaging.




for first Sthriver's Meal or Sthriver's Plus subsciption. Join us now and become STHRIVER!

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I'm impressed with the product. I always want to find ready-to-eat high protein meal that I can consume easily. Now, I can't get rid of it. It is so convenient and did I mention their meal is so delicious! Great work!

DONALD , Fitness Trainer

Do you know the feeling of so determined to keep fit on your new year resolution, but then you give up (Especially meal prep) because you just couldn't keep up with your busy life? If you can resonate with that, I guess you found a new friend. Now I can really stick to my diet regime, thanks to Sthrive. It's so easy and I really love it!

Jane V , Sales Executive

It's never easy to eat healthily when you have busy lifestyle. Their meal is easy, I just need to pour hot water and wait for couple minutes to get my meal ready. And most important thing is, i can make sure I got my macronutrients right.

Clair Chin , Designer

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